Profile - Prue Ruzicka

RUBI Landscape Design

It’s quite simple, I love what I do! When I first started designing I couldn’t believe I was getting paid for something I chose to do in my free time. As a 13 year old, I would sit in a big Poinciana tree in our backyard re-designing our entire landscape. 

When I was 7, we moved from NSW to the beautiful subtropical Brisbane! My childhood and beyond was occupied with spending every opportunity outdoors, my inside was outside! Today any free moment I have is spent outdoors…hiking, swimming, surfing, rock climbing, running, walking, street walking, travelling. I love everything about it -wind, rain, sunshine!

Best Career Choice

My brilliant career choice as a landscape designer came from a combination of the things I loved the most, people, outdoors and art! A painter in my free time gave me an eye and taste for unique design, colour and detail.

I believe in living and experiencing life gives the ability to produce cutting edge designs that are exciting and inspiring. There is absolutely no drudgery allowed! If I am stuck in a designer's block I take my work with me and seek inspiration from the very elements we look to capture and introduce into your home. Parks, gardens, city streets, cafes, bush, beach… the colours, smells, textures.

Travel by Design

I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world. Travel is one of the most efficacious forms of inspiration for my design work (view my travel page to see some moments captured on my adventures!). Seek out beauty, capture it, bend it with the twist and zest of your own designers flare and display it! I love capturing the authentic fashioning of how each culture embraces their own love for the outdoors. Stimulating my own fresh, original ideas to form and evolve! 

I come from a big and loving family and consequently love people. I am a good communicator, exceptional observer and am quick to pick up on your personality, tastes, colours etc. These traits allow me to style your outdoor space to perfectly reflect you!

Living Life Outdoors

With over 9 years experience in the horticultural, landscaping, landscape design and pool industries I know how to create the perfect extension of your home making it just as personal and habitable as the interior. In my experience we live in the rooms we love the most and that are most comfortable. My goal is to draw you outdoors and bring out in you the same affection and enthusiasm I have for living life outdoors!

Landscape Design Experience

I have had the honour and privilege to work for some incredible companies and networks allowing me the opportunity to explore and implement the most exciting design concepts. These projects have ranged from:

  • commercial and residential projects,

  • town houses,

  • childcare centres,

  • display homes,

  • acreage properties,

  • boutique inner city retreats,

  • residential renovations and

  • new homes throughout Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria.

My Design Approach

With a history of life spent outdoors along with an eclectic plant palette and meticulous to a fault, my designs are completed with an understanding of the requirements of family, lifestyle, practicality and the freshness and drive of a young, passionate designer.

Prue Ruzicka
Dip Hort, Dip CALM, Member of AILDM