Landscape Design


Landscape Design is our Speciality

The hub of RUBI is Landscape Design! This is what we live and breathe. Specialising in the design of everything outside of the house. Outdoor Entertaining Areas, Outdoor Kitchens, Pools, Gardens, Water Features, Kids Play Areas, Feature Walls, Front Fences, Gatehouses, Planter Boxes. If it’s outside we design it.

Designing a successful landscape begins with spatial development and definition. It is the balance of an exclusive and competing fusion of practical and aesthetic elements. Fundamentally a landscape is made up of hardscapes, retaining, pools, structures, pathways, decks and softscapes, plants, garden, turf etc. As designers we consider an incalculable number of contributing factors that will influence the success of your landscape. Combining practical knowledge and experience with artisanship we are able to produce a landscape design and documentation that will depict the transformation of your landscape and home.

Any size Landscape Design and Documentation Project

We are equipped to undertake any size landscape design and documentation project. Based in South East Queensland, RUBI is dedicated to providing state of the art landscape designs to the local, national and international, residential and commercial markets.

Read about our Landscape Design Process.